Mausoleum Specialists

Mork Mausoleum Construction, Inc. (MMCI) is a mausoleum specialist. As a General Contractor, MMCI has constructed hundreds of community and family mausoleums, niche features, foundations, commercial features and renovations. Our product is our labor and expertise. MMCI will obtain the best pricing from competitive suppliers of granite, marble, niche supplies and/or precast products as it has no ownership commitments to any other entity. With the ability to purchase from numerous suppliers, you are assured of getting the greatest value from your investment.

From Long Island to South Dakota -- Syracuse to Florida, MMCI enjoys a superior reputation for high-quality workmanship and materials. MMCI offers expert, quality construction in a timely manner with competitive pricing and works continually with owners to reduce or eliminate change orders. Being a small, family business, all projects are given individual attention, managed and supervised by owners of the company.


Project Capabilities & Consulting

Mork Mausoleum Construction, Inc. (MMCI) can join your construction project at any level. Preconstruction Consulting is available to assist you in achieving the most revenue possible from the project you are contemplating.

MMCI will work alongside your architect of choice to be certain every detail is considered. With no architects on staff, MMCI has the flexibility to refer you to one of many independent architects we work with on a regular basis for design assistance, plan drawings and specifications.

Do you already have the plans and just need a builder? MMCI will provide you with a proposed cost of construction utilizing actual quotes from suppliers and subcontractors in your area, not just a number out of an allowance book.

MMCI can also serve as your construction manager if you prefer to work with a local contractor. Our experienced project managers will oversee the construction of your project with a keen eye on the details. Perhaps your local general contractor just needs someone to construct the crypts within your building. MMCI will work as a subcontractor to ensure that portion of your project is completed by experts.

Keep in mind MMCI’s experience lies with both poured-in-place and precast structures. You will receive unbiased expert direction regardless of which method of construction you prefer.

Company History

Mork Mausoleum Construction, Inc. (MMCI) is currently a second-generation family business. Founded in 1981 by Ron Mork, MMCI has flourished under the direction of Jim Mork and his partner, Mike Schwinghammer. Jim and Mike combine for over 60 years of construction experience.

With an initial specialty of poured-in-place concrete mausoleums, MMCI has expanded into setting precast buildings and features. Focusing on constructing the building that best suits your needs, MMCI will assist you in making an educated decision as to which type of building will provide you the highest value.


Project Locations

We have locations across the country and you can find a list of all of them here.

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